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KeenCorp’s Engagement-Tracking Tool Looks Like a Game-Changer

One of the most promising tools for truly measuring engagement is growing its presence in Europe and now entering the U.S. KeenCorp, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, integrates its software with company email systems to gauge how employees feel at any given moment. Unlike surveys, it requires no effort by employees and, by layering into […]

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HCM Technology Jigsaw

HCM Vendors: Prepare to Support ‘Organization-Driven’ Solutions to Wider Problems

HCM Technology vendors should begin to consider how they can help customers expand their HR activities in ways that go beyond the traditional. Over the last few years, we’ve seen more companies get serious about solving problems that either the market or government have failed to deliver on. It leads us to believe that we’re approaching an era […]

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Young Team

Mercer Digital Adds edX Content, Fuel50 Career Pathing

Mercer and online learning destination edX announced a strategic alliance designed to meld Mercer’s consulting services and edX’s MOOC platform to help organizations “build their workforce for the future.” The service will be added to Mercer Digital. The companies will curate catalogs of courses based on an employer’s specific objectives to help bridge skill gaps. […]

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Peer Collaboration

Q&A: Pathgather Sees ‘Peer Learning’ as L&D’s Future

We spoke with Eric Duffy, the founder and CEO of New York-based Pathgather, a learning-platform provider that sees organizations becoming “universities of the 21st century.” To Duffy, learning departments face huge challenges when it comes to keeping up with content production, rapidly changing development needs and an ever-expanding list of topics to cover. For many, […]

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Future Thoughts

Q&A: Challenges as Job Boards Morph to Recruitment Marketers

We talked job boards with Jeff Dickey-Chasins. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the term “online recruiting” was easily defined: It was all about job boards. Today, however, it encompasses everything from social media to general marketplaces like Craig’s List to niche sites like and even sites like GitHub, which isn’t a job board […]

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Sexual Abuse

HCM Tech Community Treads Cautiously Into New Era of Sexual Harassment

Employers, engagement specialists and HCM technology vendors don’t expect to see dramatic shifts in their approach to addressing sexual harassment any time soon. Despite recent headlines of high-ranking men using their positions to pressure women into quid pro quo situations, vendors, client-side tech leaders and HR professionals aren’t positioning technology as a solution to the […]

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Executives Must Do More Than ‘Buy In’ for Engagement Programs to Succeed

Google the term “executive buy in” and you’ll get about 80,000 results, most of which–according to our unscientific review–relate to winning leadership support for one kind of corporate initiative or another. We weren’t particularly surprised. Throughout the year, we’ve noticed an increasing penchant among vendors, HR leaders, bloggers and others involved in HCM technology to […]

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Missed Target

We Should Talk More About HCM Technology Results, Not Systems

HR analysts and commentators might help practitioners and CHROs more if they spent less time talking inside baseball and more time thinking about what employers actually need to get done. Over on the HR Tech Blog, Sarah Brennan argues that too much discussion about HCM strategy and technology is driven by buzzword-driven conferences and consultant research papers. […]

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Factory Workers with Mobile Device

Line Managers Are Key to Success of Engagement Tech

For obvious reasons, communicating with deskless employees is more difficult than reaching those who occupy the same seat every day. And despite the hype, mobile platforms won’t provide the complete solution. Communications is a big piece of the engagement puzzle. When you’re not in touch, warehouse workers, field technicians, drivers and similar workers feel removed. […]

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