The Best HCM Technology Serves Two Masters

What are the most important things for executives to keep in mind when they’re deciding which HCM technology to invest in? On the website of the Australian HR Institute, Marc Havercroft, SAP Vice President of HCM Cloud & Digital Strategy and Transformation, argues that executives should keep three fundamentals at the top of their minds: Ask […]

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Data Silos

‘People Analytics’ By Itself Will Only Take You So Far

After several years of focus by vendors and consultants, and sometimes-grudging acceptance by HR departments, discussions about people analytics have turned pragmatic: HR leaders are more likely to embrace the idea that data has a role in their mission, practitioners are more likely to see the usefulness of learning the basics of data analysis, and vendors are […]

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Performance Review App

Technology Can Aid Reviews, But Only if You’re Committed

It’s not news that nobody really likes performance reviews, whether they’re employees, managers, or HR staffers. Over the last few years, people have begun to do more than grumble about the issue by trying out new approaches, such as PricewaterhouseCooper’s “real-time” performance management, or implementing programs where feedback is given on a more frequent basis. […]

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People Analytics

Hiring Managers Want More Data-Driven Recruiting

Despite their companies spending more money on recruiting, 52 percent of hiring managers say they can’t predict how well new employees will perform over the long term, according to a study published by workforce intelligence provider Visier. Besides that, the Vancouver-based company said 71 percent want HR to improve its recruiting process. Among other things, […]

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Performance Review App

Guest Column Sample Format

In this guest column, Bob Smith, director of HR Technology for Acme Metrics in Ashland, New York, describes his approach to balancing desktop and mobile self-service investments. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam finibus tortor quis ex ornare varius. Pellentesque faucibus dignissim varius. Integer pulvinar, risus nec volutpat efficitur, erat lacus blandit […]

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